CCF is a Contract Resarch Organization (CRO).

Our activity is focused on the scouting new synthetic pathways for “New Chemical Entities” (NCE) and the optimization of industrial chemical processes of already existing “Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients” (APIs).

We reproduce the few milligrams medicinal chemistry syntheses and transform them in preparation methods suitable for Kilo-Lab or pilot plant facilities.

Another primary working activity is the small quantity preparation of custom intermediates (1-2 kg) or NON GMP NCEs for the “medicinal chemistry supply” or for the preclinical studies.

We prepare enantiopure compounds through classical diastereoisomeric salt resolution or following stereospecific synthetic pathways.

Another competence is the purification of organic molecule mixtures presents in animal or vegetal tissues and fluids, using chromatography separations, cation or anion exchange polymers or through salts formation.

In according with ICH guidelines we prepare analysis methods for the qualification of raw starting materials and API final products.

We synthesize API’s Chemical impurities, generated during the production process. We prepare documentations for the Regulatory Organizations (FDA, EMA and AIFA) in the Drug Master (DMF) or in the Common Technical Document (CTD) format.

01. Research

We explore new synthetic pathways, new test methods and analyses, giving a unique and exclusive solution for a specific company

02. Experimentation

We perform directly every lab test, verifying the results and ensuring the reproducibility on every scale

03. Analysis

Data analysis is accomplished “in the house” ensuring the maximum secrecy on the results obtained

Entrust your projects at professionists in chemical and pharmaceutical research field

Contact Us for every requests. We utilize all our expiriences in your research project, increasing the possibilities to obtain the desired results. We guarantee maxium seriouness and secrecy.

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